Hinweise zur Erstellung von Droiden-Charakteren

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Hinweise zur Erstellung von Droiden-Charakteren

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One of the primary concerns players state to me about droids is the general lack of XP that they start with versus the very low initial statistics (1’s across the board). One of the important things to keep in mind is that droids by their very nature are built for a purpose. In example: you don’t need your howitzer with a AI and autotargeting abilities to be able to charm a foreign dignitary.
Droids can achieve 180 xp with only a 5 point hit in duty or obligation (as the case may be). This is noteworthy in that this is just enough to get a pair of 4s in characteristics (if all other statistics remain a 1). This does although some serious special being able to do easily 75% of the tasks that their droid subtype is supposed to do without any more investment. From there, you can spend xp on those other class skills to shore up deficits or on hyperspecializing. There are a few other things that droids have going for them, including a free level of enduring, immunity to poisons and mind tricks and what not, but there are other things that they have going for them including: Near invisibility: No one will blink at an astromech roaming a shipyard, or a protocol droid on a star destroyer. As long as the character isn’t a droideka or some other combat droid, most people don’t even register in their conscious thoughts that there is a droid in the corner. At least not any more than you notice that there is a refrigerator in the kitchen or a car in the parking lot. Unlimited hands: a droid can install and use multiple pieces of equipment. GM permission they can utilize essentially multiwield anything depending on the design of the droid. I’m looking at you WED Treadwell repair droid.

Astromech: (Agility, Intellect) Career Specialization Ace Pilot
Brief Description:
This astromech is a notch up from a factory assembled NPC. It is best wingman you never knew you had. It is more than capable of flying this Xwing without you: That’s not the autopilot doing that. More importantly, this little helper can do repairs and plot course with the best.
- “In combat situations, I an ace shot with a blaster pistol and can even default ranged heavy should someone install one.”
- “In space situations, I am the best pilot on the team and the best gunner, but I’ll let you take the credit. Good job Luke. It was the Force that guided that missile. Jerk.”
- “In social situations, I am your classic astromech, meaning I can beep and whistle. No one takes me seriously, but you want to know what, that’s fine by me. I am cursing like a sailor and you think that those beeps are cute.”

Assassin Droid: (Agility, Cunning) Career Specialization Bounty Hunter Assassin
Brief Description:
Unlike my colleague the HRD, I prefer doing my missions from afar. While I am fully capable of sneaking in close under guise of being a protocol droid or other inconspicuous droid to case my target, I prefer to be sitting on a roof top picking my target off with the perfect headshot.
- “In combat situations, I am half a mile away, calmly pulling the trigger. Boom headshot.”
- “In space situations, I am an ace pilot with class skills in both space and planetary, as well as being able to default a mean shot”
- “In social situations, I normally appear innocuous capable of blending into the background, but should I be called upon I can lie and deceive with the best without a single point spent on the skill”

Security Droid: (Agility, Willpower) Career Specialization Hired Gun Bodyguard
Brief Description:
The security droid has to two fold responsibility of being glued to the diplomat/VIP and running a number of strain intensive talents to defend both of them (easily burning 6 strain a turn to get the second maneuver to cover yourself and run sidestep and bodyguard) while still being able to fight back. With this incredible will, you have the strain/discipline to run it as well as the vigilance to always get the drop on enemy assassins. Further the tree gives access to all ranged weapons (including light from career) and a strong focus in pilot planetary allowing you to chauffeur. Consider dipping enforce for Loom since you will be standing next to the face for pretty much every encounter.
- “In combat situations, I saving your hide, my hide, everyone’s hide by preferably not having to even taking a hit in the first place.”
- “In space situations, I can pilot decently especially so on the ground, and I am very handy in the gunner position covering our escape.”
- “In social situations, I am standing quietly by your side waiting for fecal matter to collide with the rotating air convection system.”

The Wingman: (Agility, Presence) Career Specialization Commander Squad Leader
Brief Description:
While the astromech might be the best wingman you never knew you had, the wingman/pilot droid is the best wingman you did know about. Charismatic and capable of leading your allies in formation, these droid AIs are shining examples of what the Trade Federation should have been fielding in the space.
- “In combat situations, I can use my field commander abilities to move my allies like chess pieces around the board and hit the enemy with small arms fire should I need to more directly contribute.”
- “In space situations, I nearly unhittable with my versatile array of defensive talents while simultaneously able to consistently get the advantage on my enemies and lead my allies to victory. I am the cornerstone of space superiority and I do it well.”
- “In social situations, I charismatic/charming and downright cool guy. I am also a natural leader.”

Articificial Intelligence 2.0: (Intellect, Cunning) Career Specialization Technician Slicer
Brief Description:
While there is no doubt that an astromech can slice, the true hacker droids are hard to come by. The artificial intelligence is little more than a synthetic brain in a case ready to slice computer defenses and sabotage computer networks.
- “In combat situations, I am wirelessly linked to the local base slicing the ice and navigating the security to change the flow and control of the situation. There is no locked door I can’t bypass nor hardwired system I can’t slice to put on our team.”
- “In space situations, I am slicing enemy computers and repairing our ship. And that astrogation check to jump out of here, is already done. You can thank me later.”
- “In social situations, I actually able to smooth talk my way if needed, but most likely I will wall flower myself with a good skullduggery check and the fact that most people don’t register droids.”

IT0: (Intellect, Willpower) Career Specialization: Colonist Doctor
Brief Description:
Take this with a segue into Enforcer or vice versa, the IT0 (interrogation droid) is a terrifying opponent capable of inflicting cruel and unusual torments on its foes, but rarely requiring to do so as most people break into sheer terror confessing anything and everything to escape its instruments. An expert in coercion (even without training) and best supported with cooperation with colleagues. Incidentally it is still classed as a medical droid and can perform those operations very well albeit on terrified patients.
- “In combat situations, I using stim application to assist with colleagues to make them the best they can be while and healing as necessary. With enough experience I can use pressure points to disable the enemy and bring them back for enhanced interrogation techniques.”
- “In space situations, I can stim the pilot’s agility, the commander’s presence, and the mechanics intellect. If lacking a mechanic, I can do so by default intellect.”
- “In social situations, I will make them tell me their secrets.”

Protocol Droid
(Intellect, Presence) Career Specialization Diplomat Ambassador
Brief Description:
A good ol' fashioned 3PO unit that isn’t full of quirks is hard to find. The protocol droid is made specifically for ability to communicate/charm folks while having a massive database of alien customs and cultures.
- “In combat situations, I could bolster my allies through the cunning use of screaming ‘We’re all doomed.’ For some reason, they all get encouraged to speed us through combat and prove me wrong.”
- “In space situations, I could lead with the best of them through personality and an amazing mind capable to researching and producing an amazing tactical plan. ”
- “In social situations, I fluent in over six million forms of communication”

Frontline Risk Assessment (Willpower, Presence) Career Specialization Commander Tactician
Brief Description:
Like the bodyguard above, this is another strain intensive talent tree that benefits with the increased willpower with a high discipline, full access to all willpower based skills, and talents based on leadership and presence. A good fit for a middling fighter who through skill increases could be utilized as a combatant, but is best used to avoid damage through side step and maneuver his allies to victory. Combine it with a stronger ‘face’ tree to create a very sympathetic leader.
- “In combat situations, I lead manipulate and coerce my allies. I know how to fire a gun, but please keep it out of my hands. Let’s focus on giving all allies a bonus maneuver.”
- “In space situations, I am sitting in the XO position shouting orders and keeping good order and discipline on the ship. Just don’t put me in charge of making the plan.”
- “In social situations, I can be a charmer or your worse enemy. Good cop. Bad cop. Robocop.”

Artillery Droid: (Brawn, Agility) Career Specialization: Hired Gun Heavy
Brief Description:
The artillery droid is a straightforward combat type character for those wanting the same, the high brawn (with the bonus enduring) allows him to carry really heavy weapons and survive the counter attack, while the high agility allows him to fight back. In particular the BURLY talents when all 3 are stacked allow each and every weapon that is carried to have a drop in encumberance of 3, which allows weapons that are normally 4 encumberance to be used as side arms. More importantly, stacked with a droids ability to equip multiple stupid weapons at a time, you can wield a Riot Shield (Far Horizons) with a Missile Tube for distance and a Vibroaxe should the enemy engage.
- “In combat situations, I am a horrible god of death raining fire upon my enemies. Fear me.”
- “In space situations, I surprisingly an ace pilot with the gunnery skill to gun down my enemies mercilessly. And in the event that my ship is incapacitated, I will climb out onto the haul and shoot down my foes with my personal weapons”
- “In social situations, I am standing on a building several blocks away with coordinates locked in and an open comm awaiting the orders to fire”

Construction Droid: (Brawn, Intellect) Career Specialization: Technician Mechanic
Brief Description:
The Construction droid is better described as brilliant bruiser if you are on TVTropes. Its advanced brain is used for its mechanics and all manner of intellect based skills while its strong frame allows it to lift heavy structures important for the physical act of moving things and welding starships back together. In particular, the Mechanic talent tree has a rank of enduring and a few levels of toughened as well as brawl which allows this build to hold its own, and particularly devastating to multiclass into Doctor for pressure points.
- “In combat situations, I am the tank, standing in the front, being hammered by enemy fire while my impenetrable durasteel hide.”
- “In space situations, I rerouting power, reducing ship strain, using computers to baffle enemy fighters, and pretty much anything you would want.”
- “In social situations, I only have skullduggery and discipline as skills that I’ll have to work on them at that. Also They can bite my shiney metal…”

(Brawn, Cunning) Career Specialization Spy Infiltrator
Brief Description:
The Human Replica Droid (HRD) is a shining example as to why droids are invaluable spies. The HRD can blend seamlessly into the general population or onto a large star destroyer without the occupants being none the wiser with its incredible with its incredible cunning and high levels of skullduggery and deception. Its surprising strength allows it to subdue enemies should it be discovered through its talents and ability to stagger lock. I don’t need to stealth like other spies, because they let me in the front door.
- “In combat situations, I can be a surprisingly effective melee combatant without the need to resort to attention getting blaster fire”
- “In space situations, I am not doing a whole lot until I spend a significant xp on my computers skill”
- “In social situations, I have managed to walk past security and convince the guards I was supposed to be standing a half step behind senator”

Dreadnaught: (Brawn, Willpower) Career Specialization Hired Gun Marauder
Brief Description:
See that unstoppable whirlwind of death, it is maxed out on health and soak, and if you thought to hit it in the dump stat of strain you are sorely mistaken. The dreadnaught is a melee death machine designed to be completely undeterred. It has access to all the Will based skills and a high level of willpower allowing it to be uniquely Disciplined in the face of its own impending doom and to cast fear with its steely inhuman implacable exterior. It doesn’t help that small arms fire bounces off it to little or no effect. Consider cross classing (or starting as) an enforcer to increase the primal fear that is the Dreadnaught.
- “In combat situations, I wading into melee, the screams of my foes drowned out by the heavy metal foot steps and the revving of my chain saws.”
- “In space situations, I next to useless. I will primarily be utilized for Fire Discipline action and the once an encounter physical repairs using athletics and not much else”
- “In social situations, I can coerce anything short of a Hutt. I am immune to your deception and coercion.”

(Brawn, Presence) Career Specialization: Colonist Politico
Brief Description:
The politico ability to inspire with rhetoric is great, but if you haven’t noticed, there is a severe lack of range on it (short) meaning that your likely fleshy and fragile politico will get mushed when he tries to lead from the front. The Optimus however is designed specifically to lend its indestructible chassis to the front line to inspire and lead its droid revolutionaries (or fragile meatbag comrades). The access to the Well Rounded talent will give it the ability to use melee weapons (or you can just cross class). Until then, you can fake it with raw brawn, because 4 green is nothing to laugh at.
- “In combat situations, I am in the front, leading my allies, taking hits, and using vibroblade”
- “In space situations, I am the de facto leader using my talents and leadership to inspire my allies from the Captain’s chair”
- “In social situations, I am a sweet talker/diplomat/smooth operator all rolled into one. While I can’t lie to save my sorry hide, I can at least be able to communicate openly and honestly.”

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